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Just Cause quotes

Laurie Armstrong: Every now and then, you have to get a little bl****. It's good for the soul.

Bobby Earl: Hey, you want my money, you best start throwing some elbow into that, boy. A dollar fifty, that's two bits shy of a car wash.
Kid Washing Car #1: A dollar fifty *each*.
Bobby Earl: Oh man, now you must got me confused with some other idiot.

McNair: (McNair was Bobby Earl's inefficient defence attorney) Regardless of what you may think of me, I did defend that boy to the very best of my abilities. And, boy, has it cost me. Hell, I lost half of my business from defending that son-of-a-bi***. And he got the chair. You have any idea what my life would be like if I had gotten him acquitted?

Blair Sullivan: You've got The Trials Of Job ahead of you. The Trials Of Job!

Paul Armstrong: Even if you don't have a condition, you might have a situation.
Blair Sullivan: You a killer too?
Paul Armstrong: Me? No.
Blair Sullivan: You never been in a war?
Paul Armstrong: No.
Blair Sullivan: Korea? Vietnam? You ever do a little hit and run with the BMW? Never told the wifey to get an abortion? A little piece o' chicken on the side - here's $300 dollars doll face, get taken care of.

Blair Sullivan: How did my parents look, hmm? How did they smell?

Blair Sullivan: Killin' is easy for me. How hard do you think lyin' is?

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