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Jungle Fever quotes

Lou Carbone: If your mother was alive... she would turn over in her grave!

Gator Purify: (Gator is dancing with his mother, trying to butter her up) Hey pretty lady, you remember me?
Lucinda Purify: Say what you have to say, and go, before your father comes back!
Gator Purify: What's the matter? You don't like my dancing anymore? You usually offer to cook me something to eat.
Lucinda Purify: I ain't playin' with you Gator! Say what you have to say and go. And if it's money then forget it! (loosens herself from his grip)
Lucinda Purify: The answer is no!
Gator Purify: Momma, you gotta help me out. I'm sick. In order for me to get right, I need money!
Lucinda Purify: You'd feel a whole lot better if you had a bath! Boy, the devil's got you!

Flipper Purify: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

Frankie Botz: He stole a radio out of my fu***** car!
Vinny: How do you know?
Frankie Botz: How do I know? He fu***** tried to sell it back to me!

Lucinda Purify: (Gator is roughly searching though his mother's apartment looking for money, tossing aside coupons) I save a lot of money using them coupons!

Lucinda Purify: Lord have mercy... on your twisted soul!

James Tucci: If you ever get her pregnant, Paulie...
Charlie Tucci: Hey!
James Tucci: I don't know why I'm thinking this because I know it's not going to happen, but if you did, I would give *you* the abortion, Paulie. (Charlie laughs)
James Tucci: Then you are going to marry her!

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