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Jungle 2 Jungle quotes

Michael Cromwell: (offered bat bladder in Lipo Lipo) Bat bladder? Holy kaopectate; I don't think so.

Michael Cromwell: (showing Mimi how to use the toilet) Before you pee, you lift the seat; after you pee, you put the seat back down. Females in tribe start war over this. Many deaths.

Michael Cromwell: Richard, are you out of your mind? Now we're laundering money for the Russian mafia?
Richard Kempster: Yes, we are, and we'll iron it for them too.

Mimi-Siku: (after being out on the windows with Michael) Baboon scared?
Michael Cromwell: Yes, Baboon scared. Baboon not know he could *be* so scared. Baboon's pants a little damp.

Michael Cromwell: Do you mean to tell me that you are walking around New York City with A MILLION DOLLARS IN A SUITCASE?

Mimi-Siku: (Initiates Karen into his tribe) Choose a name.
Karen Kempster: Choose for me.
Mimi-Siku: (thinks for a moment) Ukume.
Karen Kempster: What?
Mimi-Siku: U-Ku-May.
Karen Kempster: What does it mean?
Mimi-Siku: It means, "sound of rain on river water."
Karen Kempster: "Ukume." It's pretty. (kisses him)

Stewardess: Mr. Cromwell? The young man you're with is, ah, urinating on the exit doors...

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