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Jumpin Jack Flash quotes

Jeremy Talbott: (to his thugs) Don't kill her.
Terry Doolittle: No, no. Don't kill me. You're right.
Jeremy Talbott: She's worthless dead.
Jeremy Talbott: Listen to the man.
Jeremy Talbott: We've got to be sure.
Terry Doolittle: That's right, Mr. Talbot.
Jeremy Talbott: So shoot her in the legs.

Terry Doolittle: Drag the river! There are killers running around the fu***** city!
Detective: How would you like me to wash your mouth out with a wire brush?
Terry Doolittle: How would you like if I kicked you in the nuts so hard they get lodged in your fu***** nostrils?
Marty Phillips: My, that's a vivid image, isn't it?

Terry Doolittle: (while she is drugged with truth serum) Look what they did to this woman - she looks *terrible*!
Receptionist at Elizabeth Arden: It's a man.

Detective: Is she on some kind of medication?
Marty Phillips: Not that I know of. Are you on some kind of medication?
Terry Doolittle: Marty! You know, you can talk directly to me, as*****.

Mr. Van Meter: Do you mean you're a civilian? You don't know anything about this, do you?
Terry Doolittle: I don't know *di*** about this! Except some guy calling himself "Jumpin' Jack Flash" taps into my computer! Tells me I gotta go to his house and get a frying pan! To call Van Halen... Van Morrison...
Mr. Van Meter: Van Meter.
Terry Doolittle: ...Van Meter!

Terry Doolittle: Mick, Mick, Mick! Speak English!

Terry Doolittle: There is a dead man, floating around in the river!

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