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Journey 2 The Mysterious Island quotes

Hank: (to Sean) I'd rather take the Titanic.

Sean: Told you it'd work.
Hank: You were right. I can't believe we made it.
Sean: It's Jules Verne, man. You gotta believe.

Kailani: What was that?
Gabato: It's a scary noise in a dark cave. Keep moving...

Sean: (Kailani is chased by a giant lizard) Hey, Godzilla! (the lizard heads his way)
Sean: Oh, cr**...

Sean: (looking at Kailani) Actually, Hank... Now that I look at it, this chopper's pretty freakin' gorgeous.

Kailani: (after Sean catches her in her fall, riding a bee) You saved me!
Sean: (proud) Yeah... I guess I did! (the monstrous bird comes back)
Sean: Or maybe not!

Kailani: Hey, I can't believe we actually made it off the island!
Sean: Yeah... (they look at each other)
Hank: (whispering into Sean's ear) Pop your pecs.
Sean: (turns to face Hank, whispering back angrily) I'm not gonna pop my pecs.
Hank: Now's the perfect time to pop your pecs. She's gonna love it, believe me. You...
Sean: I'm not gonna pop my pecs!
Hank: Do it, do it...
Sean: No, I'm not gonna pop my pecs!
Hank: She would love it, believe me!
Sean: No...
Kailani: Ahem! (Sean turns back to her)
Kailani: You two done yet?
Hank: (whispering into Sean's ear) Pop your pecs.
Kailani: (puts her hands around Sean's neck) Thank you. For everything. (she kisses him)
Hank: (to himself) That works too.

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