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John Q quotes

Lester: (to Mitch) You put the hit on that girl and everyone here knows it.

Rebecca Payne: If you give in to this guy, there's gonna be guns in every hospital in the country. What, you think Mr. Archibald's the only one who has a sick child? Have you checked out the HIV ward? There's a whole floor full. People get sick, they die. That's the way it goes. I'm faced with decisions like this every single day.
Chief Gus Monroe: The fact remains, though, that there's a man threatening to kill innocent people because you refuse to help a son.
Rebecca Payne: The fact is that there are 50 million people in this country without medical insurance. If you like to change it, you should call your congressman.

Lester: John... you're my hero.

John Q. Archibald: The hospital is under new management now! Free health care for everyone!

Mitch: YOU STUPID bi***!
Julie Bird: (kicks Mitch on the side) That's for beating the sh** out of me!
Julie Bird: (kicks Mitch again) That is for being an as*****! And this, this is for calling me a bi***! (she kicks him in the groin)
Lester: (as he and the staff laugh) Oo I felt that one!
Julie Bird: (taking off her blond wig) I'm not gonna be your Barbie any more!
Lester: All that as* and muscles to go with it! Man, I knew da** well that wasn't no blonde!

Employee Manager: Your policy has changed, Mr. Archibald.
John Q. Archibald: Changed to what?
Employee Manager: Yeah, we recently switched carriers from a PPO to a HMO. It's a less expensive policy, but unfortunately, there are some restrictions.
John Q. Archibald: What kind of restrictions?
Employee Manager: Here's how it works: Non-management part-time employees, such as yourself, only qualify for second tier catastrophic coverage.
John Q. Archibald: No, no. I'm not part-time. I'm full-time. It's just slow right now.
Employee Manager: Sure, but your coverage is based on hours worked and like I said, you only qualify for second tier. And that has a maximum payout limit of $20,000.
John Q. Archibald: (shocked) What? Wha- I-I mean-I mean, you guys have been taking money out of my paycheck every week. I've been paying into this policy for years.
Employee Manager: Right. And that's why we're gonna cover you for the full twenty.
John Q. Archibald: You can't be right. I mean, come on. Alright, let me get this straight: You're telling me that you have dropped me from full-time to part-time. You switched carriers. Now you're telling me I'm not fully covered? Even though I got a policy that says I am?
Employee Manager: It doesn't seem right, does it?
John Q. Archibald: No, it doesn't seem right. I mean, my son is sick. If I'm not covered, I've got a serious problem.
Employee Manager: I understand that, uh, but there's nothing I can do. Look, you can file for an appeal.
John Q. Archibald: Yeah?
Employee Manager: (hands John an appeal application) Here you go. That takes about seven working days.

Mitch: This country man, can't go anywhere without getting' mugged, or murdered or stabbed. Kids killin' their classmates, drivebys, ya know, I won't even go into a post office any more.
Steve Maguire: Shut up, Mitch.
Dr. Turner: No, you shut up. I hate the little ba***** but he's right. You know how easy it is to get a gun in the country? In five minutes, boom, gun show.

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