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Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius quotes

Jimmy: There's a 95 percent chance it'll work.
Cindy Vortex: And the other 5 percent?
Jimmy: We all get blown up. (the crowd starts nervously chattering)
Jimmy: Hey, hey! Ninety-five is still an A.
Nick: I've never gotten a 95 in my life.

King Goobot: Time to discipline the naughty children. Open fire.

Sheen: (the children are running from the aliens. Sheen is singing, as if he were Ultra Lord) Ultra Lord is not afraid of chickens. (the aliens fire at the ship)
Sheen: Okay, he may be a little bit afraid of chickens.

Cindy Vortex: Is this one of those macho things?

Cindy Vortex: If we get blown up, whatever's left of me is kicking your bu**.

Goddard (Jimmy's voice): (after Ooblar pulled a peice off of Goddard; Jimmy speaks through Goddard) Danger! Danger! You have just activated 'Self-Destruct Sequence Alpha'.
Ooblar: That's my bad, back in you go. (Ooblar puts the piece back)
Goddard (Jimmy's voice): The Self Destruct unit is now engaged!
Ooblar: No, no, no, no, no, I put it back in! Can you understand me?
Goddard (Jimmy's voice): This unit will yeild in a 50 megaton nucular blast in exactly ten seconds.
Ooblar: That's not good!
Goddard (Jimmy's voice): Please vary in a 25 square mile area, thank you and have a nice day. (Goddard shows Ooblar a timer counting down from ten)
Goddard (Jimmy's voice): Ten... nine...
Ooblar: Bad Dog! I need mother! (Ooblar runs through the automatic doors, and as far away as possible)

Carl: Hey, this astronaut food isn't too bad.
Jimmy: That's toothpaste, Carl.
Carl: Oh. Minty.

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