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Jack quotes

Louis: Hey you, you shoot hoops?
Jack: Who me?
Louis: No, the 40-year-old kid behind you.

Louis: I want to be just like my best friend when I grow up. He's only ten but he looks much older. He's like the perfect grown up because on the inside, he's still just a kid - he's not afraid to learn things or try things, or to meet new people the way most grown ups are. It's like he's looking at everything for the first time - because he is. And most grown ups aren't like that.

Angry Man: I'm a loser? You're a son of a bi***!
Jack: I can't believe you said that! You cussed! You said the f-word! Oh, you're gonna be in so much trouble.

Jack: I'm not a freak. You're a freak, four eyes!
Jane: He's ten.

Karen Powell: You sure he'll be all right?
Brian: Honey, he'll be fine. (they kiss Jack and go to bed)
Brian: (to himself) It's the rest of the world I'm worried about.

Jack: I'll have a Shirley Temple and some merecino cherries.
Paulie: Get him a Madonna. (to Jack)
Paulie: Know who Madonna is right?
Jack: Who?
Paulie: Shirley Temple without the cherry.

Brian: I remember when you first learned to ride a bike. You were so determined to ride, even though you kept wiping out and you almost took out some of the neighbors, but eventually you got it and now you're riding like a pro.

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