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Into the Blue quotes

Bryce: Get out of the water. There are sharks everywhere, look.
Jared: Give me my mask and my fins real quick.
Bryce: You - No, you don't need a mask. There's a shark. I swear the God. He's big. He' looks like Jaws. Get out.
Jared: Yeah, I know, but I lost my watch.
Bryce: You lost - ? You need an arm to wear a watch. Would you get out of the water, stupid? Please?
Jared: Sam gave me this watch for my birthday.
Bryce: I don't care! Sam, get... (Sam tosses to Jared his mask and fins)
Bryce: What are you doing?
Sam: He's fine. They're just curious.
Bryce: Oh, curious as to what? As to what? What his as* tastes like?

Amanda: (about selling the cocaine) I told you she wouldn't be into it. She's so clean, she squeaks.
Sam: Shut up, you coke wh***.

Sam: (Sam arrives at Jared's boat that he's trying to repair) Hey.
Jared: Hey.
Sam: Smells good over there.
Jared: What?
Sam: Smells good in there.
Jared: Yeah, that's my famous chili and corn bread. (pause)
Jared: What?
Sam: Last time you made your chili and corn bread your ex-girlfriend was on the island. Then, the time before that, you brought home a pregnant, flea-infested, three-legged dog.
Jared: Last time a storm came trough here, like that last one, Kam Jackson. You remember Kam Jackson? Found that golden cross, remember, on the north side of the island? That hurricane that just came trough here moved so much sand, who knows how many shipwrecks it uncovered?
Sam: So this is where your, uh, chili comes in?
Jared: No, I'm just saying I should be out there prospecting.
Sam: Quit your job?
Jared: No, I was fired, but it's all part of the plan. I'm just gonna get this thing going, get the boat shaped up, make a big find, and we'll live the rest of our lives on our own clock.
Sam: I thought we already were.
Jared: Yeah, but we'll be rich. (he trips through a hole in the floor)
Sam: You okay? Here, let me see.
Jared: I'm all right.
Sam: Honey...
Jared: Stinking boat.
Sam: You know I'd live on this broken boat with you, right?
Jared: I love it when you say stuff like that. (they end up kissing on the floor)

Sam: Ask yourself, What do you want in life that money will get you?

Bryce: (swimming in the ocean) Come on, we have to find the cheese, the cheddar cheese, the old-gay-eddar-chay.

Amanda: I love the Caribbean. Too hot to wear shirts, too hot to wear pants and we're two hot young ladies.
Sam: You dive?
Amanda: Yeah, I can keep up.
Jared: So how long you known this one for?
Bryce: I don't know, about 14 hours now. Picked her up last night at The Mercer...
Amanda: (interupts Bryce) I picked you up last night. Don't start lying already.
Sam: So you and Bryce.
Bryce: I think I'm in love. Serious.
Bryce: (Looks at Jared) (laughing)
Bryce: I'm not serious.

Amanda: Loose lips, sink ships.
Bryce: That's right, baby. Loose lips do sink ships.

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