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Inside Man quotes

Madeliene White: Well, I'd love to tell you what a monster you are, but, uh, I have to help Bin Laden's nephew buy a co-op on Park Ave.
Arthur Case: (laughing) If that were true, you wouldn't tell me.
Madeliene White: (turning to leave) We're listing you as a reference.

Keith Frazier: C'mon let's go down the street to the bar. I'll buy you a drink
Dalton Russell: Thanks but I'm trying to stay away from bars right now if you know what I mean.

Mayor: (speaking cordially with Madeline) I always have time to put on a tux and eat free food for a good cause. Who are saving this week?
Madeliene White: Well, I'm doing a round of support for the Joseph Freidkin Memorial Fund for spinal cord research and we're having our annual fundraiser next month. If you could attend, it would give us such a boost. (the Mayor and Madeline walk through double doors into an empty, private room)
Mayor: It would be my pleasure. Is there anything else I can do to... (the double doors close, giving the Mayor and Madeline privacy)
Mayor: (turning very hostile immediately) What the fu** do you want?
Madeliene White: A favor.
Mayor: No sh**. Which kind?
Madeliene White: The last one I'll ever ask of you.
Mayor: That's the kind I had in mind.

Sylvia: Did you bring Big Willy?
Keith Frazier: Yeah and the Twins!

Madeliene White: The sooner you STOP being my problem and START being my solution the better off you'll be.

Keith Frazier: Oh, please, do not say proposals... my girlfriend... she wants a proposal from me.
Dalton Russell: You think you're too young to get married?
Keith Frazier: No, I'm not too young... too broke. Maybe I should rob a bank.
Dalton Russell: Do you love each other?
Keith Frazier: Yeah, yeah, we do.
Dalton Russell: Then money shouldn't really matter.
Keith Frazier: Thank you, bank robber!

Sylvia: C'mon, baby. The handcuffs are gettin' cold...

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