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Innerspace quotes

Scrimshaw's Henchman: Hold it!
Lydia Maxwell: You hold it!
Scrimshaw's Henchman: I bet it ain't even loaded!
Lydia Maxwell: Oh yeah? (she aims the gun at the ceiling and fires; it clicks emptily)

Victor Scrimshaw: Now, wait a minute. What happens once Igoe's taken control of their pod?
Dr. Margaret Canker: Mr. Igoe will pilot the pod out through a tear duct or a sweat gland.
Victor Scrimshaw: Why chance that? Once he's gotten control of the pod and takes the chip, let's re-enlarge.
Dr. Margaret Canker: While it's still inside Mr. Putter?
Victor Scrimshaw: Why not?
Dr. Margaret Canker: Have you any idea what kind of mess that would make?

Jack Putter: We've got the chip!
Lt. Tuck Pendleton: All right!
Jack Putter: We're on the way to the lab!
Lt. Tuck Pendleton: All right!
Jack Putter: But I think they put someone in there with you!
Lt. Tuck Pendleton: All... what?

Lt. Tuck Pendleton: (instructing him to get his jacket/car keys out of his locker) See that door?
Jack Putter: Yeah.
Lt. Tuck Pendleton: Use it. (Jack turns away from it)
Lt. Tuck Pendleton: Well what are you waiting for?
Jack Putter: Look, don't rush me, okay? Just... just be quiet for a second, let me think this through.
Lt. Tuck Pendleton: Jack, excuse me, but I want you to factor this into your thinking, alright? You heard the man! My air supply's running out! If you don't help me, you're going to wind up with this miniaturized submersible pod floating around your insides with this teeny tiny human skeleton at the helm.
Jack Putter: (very disgusted) ... ugh.
Lt. Tuck Pendleton: Not a pretty thought!

Lt. Tuck Pendleton: (Getting nauseated by the sight of Igoe's skeleton) Jack... it worked. You just digested the bad guy. (Jack burps)

Victor Scrimshaw: Nuclear weapons, Jack. They mean nothing. Everybody's got them, nobody has the ba*** to use them. Am I right? (Jack shrugs, then tries to say something)
Victor Scrimshaw: Space, you say? Space is a flop. Didn't you know that? (Jack shakes his head)
Victor Scrimshaw: An endless junkyard of orbiting debris. Ah, but! - miniaturization, Jack. That's the ticket. That's the edge everyone is looking for. Who will have that edge, Jack? Which country will control minaturization? (takes a puff of his cigar)
Victor Scrimshaw: Frankly, I don't give a sh**. I'm just in this for the money.

Mr. Wormwood: You've got a great future in front of you in Retail Food marketing, and I just hate to see you throw it all away by going psycho on us.

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