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I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry quotes

Alex McDonough: You know, Larry's heavy set. Is that the kind of guy you've always been attracted to?
Chuck Levine: Ah no, he's my first fattie.
Alex McDonough: You guys really seem like you have a lot of sexual chemistry.
Chuck Levine: I float his boat and he sinks mine.

Larry Valentine: Domestic partnership.
Chuck Levine: Domestic partnership? You mean like faggots?
Larry Valentine: No, I mean yea but, no, not us. Obviously. Just on paper.
Chuck Levine: Paper faggots?
Larry Valentine: Well, the accepted vernacular is gay... but yes.

Chuck Levine: (after slapping Larry in the face at the alter)
Asian Minister: Do you do me...?
Chuck Levine: Oh you couldn't handle it little man.
Asian Minister: Hai.

Asian Minister: Civil or religious?
Chuck Levine: Religious. I'm Jewish, I don't wanna pi** my mother off.
Larry Valentine: I'm Catholic, I don't wanna pi** Mel Gibson off.

Larry Valentine: Chuck, we really pulled this one out our as***.
Chuck Levine: Bad choice of words there, Larry. Bad choice of words.

Chuck Levine: Let's go junior high on them.

Larry Valentine: (as he serves his children dinner) Bolognaise.
Teresa: Looks more like Bowl of sh**.

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