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Hulk quotes

Talbot: Bad science, maybe, but personally gratifying.

Ross: (about Dr. David Banner) He gets released, and a month later your lab is destroyed. What a coincidence. So you're just not going to tell me where he is, are you?
Bruce Banner: How many times do I have to tell you? I'd like to help you, but I just don't know.
Ross: You know who I am, right, Banner?
Ross: You're Betty's father. You're a high-ranking general.
Ross: Let's cut the cr**. I'm the guy who had your father tossed away, and a lot more like him, and I'll do the same with you if I feel so disposed. You understand?
Bruce Banner: If you had him tossed away, then why are you asking me? I don't remember! I was always told my father was dead.
Ross: Don't play with me! You were four years old when you saw it.
Bruce Banner: When I saw what?
Ross: You were right there! How could anyone forget a thing like that?
Bruce Banner: (whispers) What?
Ross: Ohh, some more repressed memories.
Bruce Banner: Just tell me.
Ross: I'm sorry, son. You're an even more screwed up mess than I thought you'd be. Until we get to the bottom of this, your lab has been declared a top secret military site and you're not going to get a security clearance to get back into it. Or any other lab that's doing anything more interesting than trying to figure out the next generation of herbal hair gel. (He leans forward threateningly)
Ross: And one more thing: If you ever come within a thousand yards of my daughter again, I'll put you away for the rest of your natural life.

Ross: I'm requesting national authority command override; Angry Man is unsecure. I need everything we have at my command in order to stop his movement.
National Security Advisor: You're expecting *civilian* casualties, General?
Ross: Not if I can help it, Ma'am.

Bruce Banner: You found me!
Betty Ross: You weren't that hard to find.
Bruce Banner: ...yes, I was.

Dr. David Banner: And what have I done to my son, Miss Ross? Nothing. I tried to improve on the limits in myself. Myself, not him. Can you understand? To improve on nature, MY nature, knowledge of one's self. It's the only path to the truth that gives men the power to go beyond God's boundaries.

Betty Ross: Bruce, you were going to die. And I was standing there, helpless, knowing you were going to die!

Dr. David Banner: How little you understand, Miss Ross. And how dangerous your ignorance has become.
Betty Ross: I'm sorry?
Dr. David Banner: Don't be sorry. My son is... unique. That's why you can't relate to him. And because he is unique, the world will not tolerate his existence. Will they? But you - you try. Don't you?

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