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Hope Floats quotes

Bernice Pruitt: Mom, are you gonna marry Justin Matisse?
Birdee Pruitt: Oh, honey, I'm not planning on getting married again for along time. What, you don't like Justin?
Bernice Pruitt: No, it's not that. It's just that...
Birdee Pruitt: What is it? You can tell me.
Bernice Pruitt: I just don't want to be known as Bernice Matisse!

Birdee Pruitt: Mom wake up! Oh God, please don't do this.

Birdee Pruitt: Who's Big Dolores?
Travis: She's the meanest and dumbest girl in school, but she keeps passing 'cause even teachers are afraid of big Dolores. She has her own gang too.

Birdee Pruitt: (Travis growls in his act as a dog when ordered to go o breakfast) Better do what she says, Travis. Gandma stuffs little dogs.

Bernice Pruitt: Is this where you were "cream of corn"?
Birdee Pruitt: "Queen of Corn," honey. Three years runnin'. A feat unsurpassed in the history of Smithville.

Ramona Calvert: You have a birthday coming up. You want to tell me what you wish for?
Bernice Pruitt: No.
Ramona Calvert: No? Well that's all right; I'll figure it out with my Grandma magic.

Birdee Pruitt: Once upon a time your mama knew what it meant to shine.

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