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Hook quotes

Little League Player: Mama wants a new pair of shoes. Drive me home, Jack!

Maggie: (gets up and grabs Captain Hook's hook) I wanna tear your hook off!
Captain Hook: (looks from Jack to Maggie) Easy.
Maggie: I hate... I hate you, Mr. Hook!
Captain Hook: (laughs) What did I tell you, Smee? No little children love me.
Smee: Yes, they do. Come on, you. (grabs Maggie)
Smee: You're depressin' the Captain.
Maggie: Jack, you listen to me! Never let him make you forget! Never forget mommy and daddy!
Jack: Maggie.
Maggie: Think of a way to run home, Jack! Run home!
Jack: Run home?
Captain Hook: Jack. (puts his hook in front of his face; Jack's eyes widen a bit)
Captain Hook: You are home. (laughs)
Captain Hook: Right?

Maggie: But Jack says you're not the really real Wendy.
Wendy Darling: Ahh. Well, do you see where Jack is, hmm? Well, that is the same window and this is the same room where we made up our bedtime stories about Peter and Neverland and scary old Captain Hook. And did you know? Mr. Barrie - well, Sir James, our neighbor - he loved our stories so much, he wrote them all down in a book, oh dear me, eighty years ago.
Maggie: You're really old.
Wendy Darling: That's very true.

Wendy Darling: Peter, I can't come with you. I've forgotten how to fly. I'm old, Peter. Ever so much more than twenty. I grew up a long time ago.
Young Peter Pan: No, no, no! You promised!
Wendy Darling: I have children of my own now. They have children of their own. That's my grandchild, Moira, asleep in the bed.
Peter Banning: (voiceover) When I saw her lying there sleeping, that moment, something changed in me forever.
Young Peter Pan: I shall give her a kiss. (takes out a thimble)
Wendy Darling: No. No, Peter. No buttons. No thimbles. I couldn't bear to see Moira's heart to be broken when she finds she can't keep you.
Young Peter Pan: No. I mean a real kiss.

Captain Hook: No, no, no! Now stop it! We're playing this game by Master Jack's rules. Bad form! Sit down, now. Let's resume the game. (to his lady)
Captain Hook: A very violent sport, isn't it, baseball?

Captain Hook: (yells after Peter who is leaving with Jack, Maggie, and the Lost Boys) Peter! Where are you going? Come back here and fight me! Or I'll find you wherever you are, you hear me? Bad form, Peter, come back!
Maggie: You need a mother very, very badly!

Thud bu**: Peter, can I talk to you?
Peter Pan: Sure, Thud.
Thud bu**: I remember Tootles.
Peter Pan: You do?
Thud bu**: He was lost too.
Peter Pan: How could you know Tootles?
Thud bu**: He was a Lost Boy. (Thud bu** takes out a small pouch)
Thud bu**: These are his marbles. These are his happy thoughts. (Peter empties out the pouch of marbles into his hand and laughs)
Peter Pan: He really did lose his marbles, didn't he?
Thud bu**: (laughs) Yeah, he lost them good. (they both laugh)
Thud bu**: Peter, you know what?
Peter Pan: What?
Thud bu**: My happy thought will help you.
Peter Pan: What's your happy thought, Thud?
Thud bu**: Mine's my mother. Do you remember your mother, Peter?
Peter Pan: Wish I could.

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