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Homeward Bound II Lost in San Francisco quotes

Chance: (eating pizza) Boy what a day, you know, I couldn't think of a happier ending.

Chance: I'd always heard love hurts. I never knew it could hurt this much. It's like getting a bath and missing dinner and going to the vet all rolled up into one.

Chance: (to a poodle) Nice fuzz, cuz! What, did you get in a fight with a lawn mower?

Chance: Ninty-nine cans of dog food on the wall, ninty-nine cans of dog food, EVERYBODY
Chance: (all join in) If one of those cans should happen to fall, ninety-eight cans of dog food on the wall.
Chance: Cats only!
Sassy: I hate this song!

Chance: What's got eight legs, no brains, spins around and screams like a baby?
Pete: I don't know, what?
Chance: (rolls tunnel over) You guys.

Delilah: Hi
Chance: Don't you hi me. First, you chase me, then you try to kill me, then you kiss me? What's the game?
Delilah: Game? I don't have a game. Look, I was only chasing you because your friends back in the alley asked me to, okay?
Chance: My friends, huh? So tell me, what are my friends' names?
Delilah: Shadow and Sassy.
Chance: Huh! Lucky guess. Okay, show me the secret paw shake.
Delilah: Secret paw shake? They didn't show me any secret paw shake.
Chance: Aha! They didn't, huh? Good, because there ain't one. Now explain that kiss.
Delilah: Kiss? That was no kiss. Friendly lick, maybe.
Chance: Friendly? Boy, is that an understatement.
Delilah: Okay, let's try this again. I'm Delilah, Chance.
Chance: Delilah Chance? Wow, your last name is the same as my first name!
Delilah: Boy, good thing you're cute.

Sassy: Nothing smells worse than wet dogs.

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