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Holes quotes

Mr. Sir: This ain't a girl scout camp!

Mr. Pendanski: I'll have the chicken tenders, Warden. (falls down again)

Mr. Sir: Everything turns to callous eventually. That's life!

Trout Walker: (Trout appears, pointing a rifle at Kate) You got five seconds to tell me where you buried the lout!
Kissin' Kate Barlow: I've been waitin' for you, Trout... (she draws her pistol and aims. Trout hesitates, but then she lowers it)
Kissin' Kate Barlow: I ain't gonna kill you. (she throws the gun down, and Trout's wife picks it up)
Trout Walker: Where's the loot?
Kissin' Kate Barlow: There ain't no loot.
Trout Walker: Don't give me that! You robbed every bank from Hell to Houston!
Linda Walker: We saw you heading back with a shovel, Miss Katherine!
Kissin' Kate Barlow: Linda Miller? Is that you?
Linda Walker: I've been Linda Walker for the past thirteen years!
Trout Walker: One!
Kissin' Kate Barlow: Aw, Linda, you were such a good student... you must have married him for his money.
Trout Walker: Two!
Linda Walker: Well, it's all gone now! It dried up with the lake. Hasn't rained here since the day they killed Sam! Now you better tell him what he wants, he's a desperate man!
Trout Walker: Three!
Kissin' Kate Barlow: Go on, kill me.
Trout Walker: (smiles crookedly) I ain't gonna kill you. But by the time I'm finished with you, you gonna wish you was dead.
Kissin' Kate Barlow: (chuckles) I've been wishing I was dead for a long time.

Stanley: (looking at "God's Thumb") Say, what does that look like to you? (he and Zero hold out their thumbs, and look at each other)

X-Ray: Hey, Barfbag. What are you doing? (Barfbag takes his shoe and sock off and steps on the snake, which bites him)
Barfbag: (yells) Aaaaaah!

Madame Zeroni: Morris Menke is a shmuck!

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