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High Road to China quotes

Patrick O' Malley: Look at my Dorothy!

Patrick O' Malley: You know, I only made one real mistake.
Evie: What was that?
Patrick O' Malley: I should have sold you when I had the chance.

Patrick O' Malley: You wrecked my plane!
Suleman Khan: You will be my welcome guests for dinner
Struts: Is he going to eat us or feed us?

Struts: Hey, ace, would you do me a little favor, please?
Patrick O' Malley: Yeah, sure.
Struts: Just remember that, uh, remember the - the ox is slow, but the earth is patient.

Evie: Which one of you boys would like the honour of loaning me an airplane.
Evie: (Blows him a kiss) I'll have it back in two weeks!
Evie: Anyone Else? (Pause)
Evie: No more heroes? So long boys.