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Hellboy II The Golden Army quotes

Hellboy: da**!

Hellboy: You're in love. Have a beer.
Abe Sapien: Oh, my body's a temple.
Hellboy: Well, now it's an amusement park.
Abe Sapien: No, no, no. The glandular balance of...
Hellboy: Just shut up and drink it, would you?

Liz Sherman: Over seventy guests reported. There are no survivors?
Hellboy: Same story here, babe.
Liz Sherman: Don't call me "babe."
Hellboy: *Abe!* I said Abe! Wrong channel...

Prince Nuada: (to Nuala, catching her in the library) Very creative of you. The parchment was of no importance. The cylinder... is very interesting (picking up the burning chamber and rolling it to burn the imprint across the table, revealing a map)
Prince Nuada: We will find the Golden Army here. As for the crown piece, I know it's here.I can feel that much in you. Father always tried so hard to shield your heart from mine. (pacing around the bookcase)
Prince Nuada: It's in one of the books and I will find it. (holding a book, before throwing it down)
Prince Nuada: Blue? You always look so beautiful in blue. Blue, poetry, love, and lu**. Only words. I will find it.
Princess Nuala: (Eyes the blue-colored book she placed the hidden crown piece in)

Hellboy: Hey, gasbag! Stop talking now!
Johann Krauss: Or what? Are you threatening me? Because I think I can take you. (silence)
Hellboy: Excuse me?
Johann Krauss: You heard me.

Hellboy: World, here I come.

Johann Krauss: You have one fatal flaw.
Hellboy: Oh, I wanna hear this.
Johann Krauss: No, you don't. You can't take criticism.
Hellboy: Try me.
Johann Krauss: (pokes Hellboy) Can't... take it.
Hellboy: (yells) What's my flaw?
Johann Krauss: Your temper! It gets the best of you. Makes you weak, makes you vulnera... (Hellboy punches him)

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