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Hancock quotes

Ray Embrey: Right now, there's a DA trying to coming up here and put you in jail.
Hancock: (while eating banana) bi*** can try!
Ray Embrey: I say you go.
Hancock: (confused) Hmm?
Ray Embrey: People take you for granted, you know. We gotta make people miss you. People don't like you, Hancock.
Aaron Embrey: (yelling from other room) I do!

Rail Crossing Crowd #2: I can smell alcohol on your breath!
Hancock: That's cause I've been drinking bi***!

Mary Embrey: (referring to Hancock) Did he... just take the whiskey bottle to the bathroom?
Ray Embrey: Do you want him to kill us all?

Hancock: I'll break my foot off in your as*, woman...

Mary Embrey: (to Hancock) If Ray ever finds out about me, you're dead.

Hancock: You broke my glasses.
Asian Gang Member: I'm sorry. Take my Ray Bans!

Ray Embrey: (showing Hancock his uniform) For when they call.
Hancock: I ain't wearing that, Ray.
Ray Embrey: Yes, you are.
Hancock: Oh no, I'm not.
Ray Embrey: No, you are.
Hancock: Actually, I'm not Ray.
Ray Embrey: You think you're not, but you are.
Hancock: I will fight crime bu**-as* naked before I fight it in that, Ray.
Ray Embrey: You know, you have fought naked. We got that. That's on Youtube.

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