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GoldenEye quotes

James Bond: Morning Q. Sorry about the leg. Skiing? (Q's leg "cast" fires a rocket across the room)
Q: Hunting!

James Bond: What would I ever do without you?
Miss Moneypenny: As far as I can remember, James, you've never had me.
James Bond: Hope springs eternal.

James Bond: That's close enough.
Xenia Onatopp: Not for what I have in mind.

Valentin Dmitrovitch Zukovsky: So Mr. Bond, what is it that brings you to my neighborhood? Still working for MI6, or have you decided to join the 21st century? I hear the new M is a lady!

Natalya Simonova: (Kissing in a field) I suppose there's someone watching.
James Bond: There's no-one within twenty-five miles, believe me.
Jack Wade: (Out of nowhere) Yo, Jimbo!

Jack Wade: Come on, my car's over there.
James Bond: After you.
Jack Wade: Thank you. (comes up after Jack Wade and traps him with the car door and draws his gun on him)
James Bond: Like you said, "Drop it".
Jack Wade: All right, in London April is a spring month, whereas in St. Petersburg we're freezing our butts off. Is that close enough for government work?
James Bond: No. Show me the rose.
Jack Wade: Please, no. (Bonds shoves his gun into Wade)
Jack Wade: Alright, alright, alright. (Wade unbuckles his pants and shows him his rose tattoo with the name "Muffy")
James Bond: Muffy?
Jack Wade: Third wife.

James Bond: (Bond throws Onatopp off himself) No, no, no. No more foreplay. Take me to Janus.
Xenia Onatopp: BULIATCH!

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