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Ghost quotes

Sam Wheat: (at the bank meeting) Tell her to send this to the third-floor file because you have a transaction to make.
Oda Mae Brown: Can you send this to the third-floor file? I have a transfusion to make.

Carl Bruner: You're lying to me! Don't *lie to me*! (losing it)
Carl Bruner: go***** it!

Sam Wheat: They're going to kill you, Carl. You and Willie! You're going to be fertilizer. They're gonna bury you right next to Jimmy Hoffa.

Sam Wheat: (Edited for TV Version) How long have you been here?
Subway Ghost: Since they pushed me.
Sam Wheat: Someone pushed you?
Subway Ghost: Yeah. Someone pushed me.
Sam Wheat: Who?
Subway Ghost: What you don't believe me? You think I fell? You think I jumped? Well, forget you! It wasn't my time. I wasn't supposed to go! I'm not supposed to be here! (kicks the glass of vending machine)

Sam Wheat: Don't embellish.
Oda Mae Brown: Jawohl.

Oda Mae Brown: (spiritually possessed by Orlando) Ortisha? Where you at? I can't hardly see!
Ortisha: Orlando? Orlando!
Oda Mae Brown: da**, baby, what'd you do to yo hair?
Ortisha: Orlando, you like it? It's "Autumn Sunrise".

Sam: Hand her the check.
Oda Mae Brown: I will!

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