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Get Hard quotes

Rita Lewis: What reason did you give to him, to assume you went to jail?
Darnell Lewis: I was being black!
Rita Lewis: You're not exactly a thug, Darnell!
Darnell Lewis: All I got to do is talk a little deeper. "Hey, bi***, don't walk away from me!"
Rita Lewis: (slaps Darnell) What the hell did you just say to me? What is wrong with you?
Darnell Lewis: (crying) Stop, stop! What is that?

Darnell Lewis: Let's see your mad dog face! (King bursts into tears)
Darnell Lewis: What are you doing, James?
James King: Sad Dog. I think that's a strategy that could work, don't sexually harass me I'm already sad...

James King: (sees his gardener staring at him) Buenos diaz, Cecil!

Darnell Lewis: We do this, we do this hard!
James King: I can get hard!

James King: My life is ruined, because after thirty days I'm going to prison!... It's not as bad as I've heard, is it?
Darnell Lewis: Hell yeah, it's bad!
James King: Teach me how to survive in prison, the way you did!
Darnell Lewis: (amazed) Tell me how you know I went to prison?
James King: Given your low economic status, your perceived lack of college education... statistically, you definitely went to prison! (pause)
Darnell Lewis: See you tomorrow, convict.

Darnell Lewis: This ain't no longer your house, man! We in San Quentin now!

Darnell Lewis: You know what? I got something to say to you all since I'm guessing this is the first time you've been forced to listen to a black man. You know maybe you guys should just calm the fu** down. Black people ain't tryin' to hurt you. I mean technically I am right now but that's only because of what you were trying to do to the white guy. Think about that. Google "I Have A Dream" as******.

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