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George of the Jungle quotes

Narrator: Well, Ursula's fiancè is in prison, and there's a jungle man sleeping on her balcony. She could use a best friend right now.
Betsy: Hi.
Ursula Stanhope: Hi.
Betsy: I got here as fast as I could. Where is he?
Ursula Stanhope: Oh, he's in the waterf... he's in the shower.
Betsy: Not anymore.
Ursula Stanhope: Oh! George. (sees him naked)
George: Bad waterfall. First water get hot, then George slip on this strange yellow rock. (sees Betsy)
George: Oh. Hi, George of Jungle.
Betsy: Charmed, I'm sure.
Ursula Stanhope: George, hold this big book. (he holds book covering his front part)
Ursula Stanhope: Cover the booty. (puts bowl on behind)
Ursula Stanhope: Let's get you some clothes. Sorry, Betsy.
George: Bye.
Betsy: No problem. (to herself)
Betsy: Now I can see why they made him king of the jungle.

Thor: Max, look! We're back at the tree house!
Ape: Well, I tried, but you fellas are just too smart for me.
Max: Oh, no!
Narrator: "Oh, no" was right! Because even at that moment...
Thor: (looking up) Hey! Why don't you say something constructive for a change, like what we should do now?
Narrator: Because I don't like you.
Thor: Well, I hate you, you snotty son of a...
Narrator: I'll pretend I didn't hear that. (there is a thunderous bang, and both Thor and Max stagger, as though hit)
Narrator: Having some fun now, huh?

Narrator: Later, in the Men's Department, after discovering his long lost brothers, the jungle king was pleased to find he looked pretty good in Armani.
George: Pretty darn good.

George: George not feel so good.

George: Here comes shep.

Ursula Stanhope: (semi-conscious) Mommy, make that monkey stop talking...

Narrator: Deep in the heart of Africa is a place no man has ever entered. The place that belongs to the lion, the elephant and the ape. A place known as the Bukuvu. Travellers flying overhead can only glimpse at its many marvels, its sparkling rivers, its lush veldts, its billowy cloud formations and its hidden mountains. Never fear, my friends. All was not lost. Scraped and boo-booed, they searched high and low, but they never recovered their most precious cargo.

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