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Garfield The Movie quotes

Arlene: Garfield, are you alright?
Garfield: I think so. Luca's about to have Odie for lunch.
Arlene: If it wasn't for Odie, you'd be Luca's chew toy.
Nermal: Yeah, he saved your life. Odie's a hero!
Garfield: Why, because I wasn't ripped to shreds? No. Odie's an imbecile until further notice.

Garfield: So much time, and so little... I need to do.

Garfield: Yeah, just one big, happy family. (notices Odie with him on his chair)
Garfield: Yeah, right. Hit the floor. (pushes Odie off his chair)
Garfield: No, come on, seriously, you can come up. Come here, buddy, come up. (Odie climbs on Garfield's chair)
Garfield: Down you go.
Garfield: (pushes Odie off his chair again)
Garfield: We just hit it off so great because we both love the same thing and that is... (Odie climbs on Garfield's chair one more time and Garfield pushes him off again)
Garfield: me.

Jon Arbuckle: (in the phone) I'll call you later. Garfield is being... Garfield.

Garfield: You just can't do this, Jon. He's trying to tear us apart, don't you see that? You know me. I'm too lazy to try to destroy your house. I was provoked, pushed, prodded, driven mad. You can't kick me out of my own house like I'm some kind of animal! (Jon closes the door)
Garfield: (scratches the door) Oh come on, Jon. Jon! You know I'm scared of the dark.

Garfield: There's my ball.

Garfield: Sure, Jon. I'll eat all your lasagna for you.

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