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G Force quotes

Speckles: We've got a worm to decipher.
Darwin: You're a genius.
Speckles: I'm a mole. I got a thing for worms. (slurps a rainworm hanging from the ceiling)

Blaster: Is that all you got?
Connor: Ready to go for the record?
Blaster: Maybe this would be a good time to take your medication.

Agent Trigstad: Call for backup. Tell them we're in pursuit of three guinea pigs driving mobile spheres.
Agent Carter: OK! Actually, could you make the call?

Juarez: (to Penny) You try to put a bow on me, you're gonna lose a finger.
Blaster: That little girl has no idea know what she's in for!
Penny: I'm gonna put nail polish and lipstick on her and a dress.
Juarez: A dress? You're going to lose your whole hand!

Darwin: Hurley, get your bu** outta my face.
Hurley: Get your face outta my bu**!

Blaster: I'm pretty sure this is animal cruelty. *WOOOHOO!* (jumps in RC car over toys)
Blaster: But I love it.

Darwin: Blaster, do something.
Blaster: What do you suggest I do?
Mice: po** in his hand. po** in his hand.

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