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Friday the 13th Part 2 quotes

Ginny Field: (to Paul) There is someone in this room.

Terri: (to Scott who stepped into a trap) Don't go anywhere.
Scott: Very funny.

Crazy Ralph: (to Jeff and Sandra) I told the others, they didn't believe me. You're all doomed. You're all doomed.

Ginny Field: Please help me!

Deputy Winslow: You're gonna have to keep your people away from that place, Holt. It's condemned. Next time I catch anybody over there, I'm gonna have to run 'em in.
Jeffrey: Uh, he told us that...
Paul: I'll handle this, Jeff.
Deputy Winslow: Might even get a warrant against you.
Paul: Oh, really?
Deputy Winslow: (to Paul) Look, Holt, people say that what you do with these kids is great. You got a good reputation. But if I was you, I'd have located in the next county. You're too close. Things have been quiet for five years and that's the way we want to keep it.
Paul: So do I, officer. So do I. (to Jeff and Sandra)
Paul: You two, take off. We'll talk at dinner.
Sandra Dier: We'll never do it again, sir.
Jeffrey: Thanks, Mr Holt.
Deputy Winslow: You're not even going to reprimand them? No punishment? What kind of place is this?
Paul: Ginny?
Ginny Field: Yes, Paul?
Paul: No seconds on dessert for Jeff and Sandra tonight.

Terri: (to Scott) I ought to let you hang, you pervert!

Paul: These kids smoke better dope than I do.

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