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Freddy Vs Jason quotes

Freddy Krueger: (to Jason) Welcome to my nightmare.

Freddy Krueger: What's wrong, Lori? Miss your wake-up call?

Kia Waterson: Oh, come on. We all know who the real virgin is here.
Lori Campbell: Kia!
Kia Waterson: Oh, come on, Lori. I know that you never made it with Will. Why would he want to, when he can fu** somebody like me?
Will Rollins: (laughs) Let's tie the bi*** up.

Freddy Krueger: Penny for your thoughts, chief! (Jason grabs him and pushes his throat to the machete)
Freddy Krueger: Uhh! Oh, scary.

Freddy Krueger: (narrating) My children... from the very beginning, it was the children who gave me my power. The Springwood Slasher, that's what they called me. My reign of terror was legendary. Dozens of children would fall by my blades. Then the parents of Springwood came for me, taking justice into their own hands. When I was alive, I might have been a little naughty, but after they killed me, I became something much, much worse. The stuff nightmares are made of. The children still feared me, and their fear gave me the power to invade their dreams, and that's when the fun REALLY began. Until they figured out a way to forget about me. To erase me completely. Being dead wasn't a problem, but being forgotten, now that's a bi***. I can't come back if nobody remembers me. I can't come back if nobody's afraid. I had to search the bowels of Hell, but I found someone, someone who'll make 'em remember. He may get the blood, but I'll get the glory, and that fear is my ticket home.

Deputy Scott Stubbs: This Jason Voorhees supposedly drowned at Camp Crystal Lake back in 1957 when he was 11-years old. The counselors weren't watching him. Then they made the mistake of killing his mother. Now legend has it that Jason kept returning from his grave to punish whoever returned to the Camp.

Freddy Krueger: Hey, as*****! Up here! (Jason looks up to see him and Freddy knocks down a stack of rebars which impale through Jason's body)

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