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Freaky Friday quotes

Jake: You know, it's just... Yesterday was freaky, and I mean, I see your mom... And I like her. I mean, not "like her" like her, but, you know, I mean... Like her as your mom. Listen, do you think we could just rewind this whole thing and start again?
Anna: (smiles) I'd like that.

Ryan: One more day.
Anna (in Tess's body): Yeah, it's great we're getting married, isn't it? Even though my husband died. How quickly I've been able to get over it.

Anna (in Tess's body): So you're in my body, and I'm in your body. Why don't we, like...
Tess (in Anna's body): Yes, yes, I see what you're saying. A jolt! Okay, you go over there, and I go over here. Okay, when I say go. Ready? Go! (they both bump heads and fall to the ground while Harry walks into the room)

Ryan: OK, where are we going next, Harry's school?
Anna (in Tess's body): Oh, he can walk from here.
Harry: It's 20 blocks!
Anna (in Tess's body): Fresh air will do you good.
Harry: But what about bullies?
Anna (in Tess's body): Run fast.

Anna (in Tess's body): Let's just say this cute guy asks you out. What are you gonna do? WOOOH.

Anna (in Tess's body): So, let's do this thingy.
Ryan: You mean our wedding rehearsal?
Anna (in Tess's body): Yeah, whatever.

Harry: (straws sticking out of his nose) Look I'm a walrus!

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