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Flight quotes

Charlie Anderson: Remember, if they ask you anything about your drinking, it's totally acceptable to say "I don't recall".
Whip: Hey, don't tell me how to lie about my drinking, okay? I know how to lie about my drinking. I've been lying about my drinking my whole life.

Whip: Nobody could've landed that plane like I did.

Avington Carr: Makes me wanna sniff some lines and go fly a jet!

Hugh Lang: (to Whip) The FAA placed ten pilots in simulators, recreated the events. Every pilot killed everybody on board! You were the only one who could do it!

Avington Carr: Does Whitaker know he's going to jail?
Hugh Lang: My clients don't go to jail, Mr. Carr.
Avington Carr: Oh, he's going to jail. He belongs in jail. You bet your as* he's going to jail. The only question is, is he going to die in jail?

Harling Mays: What the hell kind of meds they giving you? Alprazolam: that's generic xanax. Hydrocodone: that's generic Vicodin. Probably Canadian. Where's the dihydromorphine? Is this amateur hour? Get that doctor in here; you just saved a hundred people!
Whip: Harling! Did you bring my smokes?
Harling Mays: Yes I did. I got your medicines, and yes I got your smokes right here. Here's a fresh carton. Hell, if I was you, I'd fire up right here in the da** room.

Harling Mays: See y'all on the dark side of the Moon.

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