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Fifty Shades of Grey quotes

Christian Grey: (to Anastasia) I don't make love. I fu**... hard.

Anastasia Steele: Also, on page 5 there are some terms which need clarification. Suspension?
Christian Grey: Hanging on ropes from the ceiling.
Anastasia Steele: For what possible reason?
Christian Grey: For your pleasure.
Anastasia Steele: Really?
Christian Grey: And mine. Something to consider.
Anastasia Steele: No. Hard limit.
Anastasia Steele: Is bondage acceptable to the submissive? I'm good with rope, leather cuffs, handcuffs. Please lose tape and, what's other?
Christian Grey: Cable ties? Can I just say how impressed I am with your commitment to this meeting? And in that spirit, I'm going to throw in a sweetener. How about once a week on a night of your choosing, we go on a date. Just like a regular couple. Dinner, movie... ice skating. Whatever you want.
Anastasia Steele: Accepted. You're very kind.

Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: They're here! You're here. Welcome welcome. (She hugs Ana)
Christian Grey: Ana, mother you've met.
Anastasia Steele: Hi lovely to meet you!
Christian Grey: And this is my father, Carrick.
Anastasia Steele: Hi. Pleasure to meet you!
Mr. Grey: It's nice to meet you. There's been a lot of speculation!
Mia Grey: Oh my god!You exist! (She hugs Ana)
Kate Kavanagh: It's a great apartment, and the rent's not ridiculous. Elliot and Jose helped us move in. Jose is Ana's friend, although I think Elliot's trying to poach me. (Christian puts his hand on Ana's leg)
Elliot Grey: He's a cool guy.
Mr. Grey: Ana, where is your family from?
Anastasia Steele: My stepfather lives in Montesano and my mom lives in Georgia.
Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: Georgia? Which part?
Anastasia Steele: Savannah.
Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: How nice! Although I do hear it gets really humid in Georgia at this time of year.
Anastasia Steele: Oh my god, it does. It's stifling sometimes. (she takes Christian hand off her leg)
Anastasia Steele: Actually , I'm gonna visit her tomorrow.
Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: How nice! You hear that, Christian? Some children do visit her parents now and again.
Elliot Grey: Hey dad, you catch the Mariners game?
Mr. Grey: I heard it went back stream.
Mia Grey: Ah, Seattle baseball... (she starts to speak french)
Christian Grey: This is news to me. When were you gonna tell me? (to Ana)
Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: Who wants coffee?
Christian Grey: Actually, I promised Ana a tour of the grounds. Excuse us.

Christian Grey: What happened to calling before dropping by?
Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: Oh, and have your henchmen give me the run around? No thank you. I'll take my chances. I was in the neighborhood and I thought, perhaps, we could have lunch.
Christian Grey: I can't today. I have to drive Ana home. (Ana's phone rings)
Christian Grey: It's okay. Take it. I was just showing mother out.
Anastasia Steele: Excuse me.
Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: Anastasia.
Anastasia Steele: Kate, hold on.
Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: It was a joy to meet you. I'm having the whole family over for dinner next week at my house. Christian's sister Mia is back from Paris. You must come.
Christian Grey: We'll see, mother.
Anastasia Steele: Nice to meet you!
Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey: You too.

Anastasia Steele: I'll review all these changes and try to arrive at a decision.
Christian Grey: You want to leave?
Anastasia Steele: Yes.
Christian Grey: But your body tells me something different. Your legs, for instance. The way you're pressing your thighs together under the table. And the change in your breathing. And in your complexion.
Anastasia Steele: My complexion?
Christian Grey: You're flushed.
Anastasia Steele: That could just be the wine.
Christian Grey: It's the adrenaline.

Christian Grey: (email conversation) Thank you for a most interesting weekend. This laptop is YOURS. And I'd like you to use it for research.
Anastasia Steele: Would you now? Is this what our relationship will be like, you ordering me around?
Christian Grey: Oh, I hope so... And what's more, you'll like it.

Christian Grey: I'm not the man for you. You should stay clear of me. I have to let you go.
Anastasia Steele: Goodbye, Mr Grey.

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