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Fast Five quotes

Hobbs: Hell of a mess.
Brian O'Conner: Yeah, it is.
Hobbs: You know I can't let you two go. I ain't made that way. The way I see it, you've earned yourselves 24 hours. The money stays, though. If I were you, I'd use the time. Make peace with whatever demons you got left. Cause come tomorrow, I will find you.
Hobbs: (to Toretto) Toretto, I'll see you soon.
Dominic Toretto: (pause) No you won't.

Brian O'Conner: You know, I want another shot.
Dominic Toretto: Yeah?
Brian O'Conner: Yeah. No wagers. Nobody else. Just you and me, once and for all.
Dominic Toretto: Ha. You sure you can handle the disappointment?
Brian O'Conner: Are you?
Dominic Toretto: All right, O'Conner. Let's see what you got...

Chief of Police Alemeida: Is all this really necessary to apprehend two men?
Hobbs: Let me tell you a little something about these two men. One's a former federal officer, been in deep cover for five years. He knows every way you're gonna come for him. The other one's a professional criminal, escaped prison twice, spent half his life on the run avoiding folks like you.
Chief of Police Alemeida: Well, if there's anything we can do to help the DSS...
Hobbs: Two things. One: I need a translator.
Chief of Police Alemeida: Claro, we have plenty in the public relations department.
Hobbs: Elena Neves.
Chief of Police Alemeida: A patrol officer?
Hobbs: You heard me.
Chief of Police Alemeida: But why? We have many more experienced people.
Hobbs: I like her smile.
Chief of Police Alemeida: What's the second thing?
Hobbs: (pause) Stay the fu** out of my way!

Roman Pearce: You say what? This sh** just went from mission:impossible to mission: in freaking sanity! Whatever man. I ain't scared, I'm just letting you all know: going in that building it's crazy!

Vince: (upon seeing Brian for the first time) Buster...

Monica Fuentes: You need to look at that. Berlin, 3:00 a.m. this morning. A team of drivers hijacked a military convoy.
Hobbs: Toretto?
Monica Fuentes: Nope.
Hobbs: Ain't interested.
Monica Fuentes: Yes, you are. Keep looking. Do you believe in ghosts?

Tej: So did you like slap that as*? Or did you grab it?

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