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Falling Down quotes

Sergeant Prendergast: (the other detectives have filled his desk with kitty litter) How am I supposed to get a pen out of here?
Detective Keene: You don't need a pen. Just use one of them cat turds.

Sergeant Prendergast: What did you say?
Det. Jones: Prendergast, we don't have time for this.
Sergeant Prendergast: You're right! (Punches the guy in the face, leaves)

Bill Foster: You have a choice. I can kill you. Or you can kill me, and my daughter will get the insurance.

Bill Foster: You're Korean? Do you have any idea how much money my country has given your country?
Mr. Lee: How much?
Bill Foster: I don't know. But, it's gotta be a lot.

Bill Foster: You missed. (Foster picks up the UZI and shots to the car)
Bill Foster: I missed too. (Foster threatens the gang member as he begs for his life. Foster shoots him in the leg)
Bill Foster: There, you see? That's a Concept. (Picks up the gym bag with the guns)
Bill Foster: Take some shooting lessons, as*****.

Nick: fu** you. Who the fu** are you? Are you fu***** with me? You're fu***** with me!
Bill Foster: I am just disagreeing with you! In America, we have the freedom of speech, the right to disagree!
Nick: fu** you and your freedom.

Bill Foster: (to customer at WhammyBurger) How are you enjoying your meal? (customer vomits onto tray)
Bill Foster: (to manager) I think we have a critic here! I don't think she likes the special sauce, Rick... That was a joke.

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