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F X quotes

Rollie Tyler: (Andy has used movie smoke bombs to help break Rollie's truck out of the police impound lot) Jesus! What pots did you use?
Andy: The big ones!
Rollie Tyler: I said Hellraisers, not Killer Smoke!

Ellen: How was I?
Rollie Tyler: You were great. Nobody dies like you.

Mickey: (pointing at one of Rollie's movie props) 'I Dismember Mama'.

Rollie Tyler: (Rollie is riding in a backseat and realizes he's sitting on a plastic sheet.) Why all the plastic?
Lipton: I didn't want to get any stains on the seat.
Rollie Tyler: What stains?
Lipton: (points a gun at Rollie) I'm sorry, Rollie. No loose ends.

Ellen: Nobody cares about making movies about people any more. All they care about is special effects.
Rollie Tyler: (ironically) I'm gonna cry.

Andy: (after Rollie has driven off without her) They'll kill you! And if they don't, I will!

Lipton: I've really admired your stuff since 'Vermin From Venus.'
Rollie Tyler: You saw that?
Lipton: Yeah.
Andy: That's the one that got him deported from Australia!

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