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Exit Wounds quotes

Vice President: Ladies and gentleman, it's a pleasure for me to be here on such a beautiful day, in the great city of Detroit. And I'd love to tell you all to sit back, relax, and enjoy yourselves. I'd love to, but unfortunately, I can't do that. There's a very serious issue that's spiraling out of control in this country. Illegal handguns ending up in the hands of our children. But instead of reading off a bunch of statistics that you might not already know that last year, more preschoolers died from guns that police officers, or that gunshot wounds are the second leading cause of death for all people in the U.S. ages ten to thirty four.

T.K. Johnson: (to Orin) Say hello to my sumo Negro! He about to turn your as* into sashimi. (cackles)

T.K. Johnson: (to the strippers) I need to see a little bit more green than that, baby. Come on, put it on. I like color. Oh yeah, put it on, put it on. That's it. Squeeze it on. There you go. Hey, baby. Put them on the glass.

T.K. Johnson: By the end of the night you just might... (T.K. sees Orin enter)
T.K. Johnson: fu** me!
Static Waitress: Dang! Now you talking.

Orin Boyd: Strutt, Useldinger, Montini, they're all dirty.
Annette Mulcahy: Look, are you positive about this? What proof do you have?

Matt Montini: Oh, I guess the grill was optional.

Latrell Walker: I made my father a promise before he died. I promised that I would always be my brother's keeper. I keep my promises.
Orin Boyd: Where'd you promise to meet these boys?
Latrell Walker: Frederick's Cleaners. After midnight.

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