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European Vacation quotes

Clark Griswold: (singing) Oh the hills are alive with the sound of Griswold/this sh**'s been around for a very long time./I'm feeling so high, I just can't stand it/It's as if I've been here for at least a week.

Fritz Spritz: Isn't that Herman's children?
Helga Spritz: Herman never had kids.

Audrey Griswold: God, I miss Jack!

Ellen Griswold: Clark, you're driving on the wrong side of the road!
Clark Griswold: I realize that honey. I'm also on the wrong side of the car.

Ellen Griswold: Look back there!
Clark Griswold: Yeah, it's just a hooker. They're all over the place.
Ellen Griswold: Look who she's with! (Clark looks back, and sees that Rusty is with the hooker)

Hotel Manager: (Speaking very quickly in a heavy English accent) You're scuppered mate, this place is full of macaroons, of course I could get on the dog and bone and call my friend down White Chapel way. (Clark is unable to understand what the Hotel Manager is saying, so he begins using a handheld translation device)
Rusty Griswold: Dad, he's speaking English.

Kent Winkdale, host of 'Pig in a Poke': What are the pyramidal tracks?
Clark Griswold: (thinking) ... Kent, I believe the pyramidal tracks are housing development outside of Cairo.

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