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Eraser quotes

John: Don't move, you're dead. (takes a photo)

John: Drop your gun.
Robert: What?
John: If you drop your gun now, I promise I won't kill you.

Hostage Taker: (while holding a woman at gunpoint) You're early.
Robert: You're late. (shoots the suspect)

John: Lee, this is Father Rodriguez.
Lee: How do you do?
Father Rodriguez: Of course, I wasn't always Father Rodriguez. You might say I was born again, with a little help from our friend here.
John: Some of his Colombian associates wanted to introduce him to God personally.
Father Rodriguez: I've been given a second chance at life. I'm using it to do God's work.

Lee: My protection?
John: New identity, relocation, I'll take you through it step by step.
Lee: What are you talking about? I'm not going anywhere!
John: You're in an extremely high risk situation, Miss Cullen. That should've been explained to you.

Donahue: Who do you think we are? We're not the Red Cross. We make weapons, things that kill people.

Johnny C: You want me to help you break into Cyrez?
John: Yeah.
Johnny C: What, are you sh****** me? When you said you needed my help, I thought you wanted me to help you move a sofa or something.
John: Pull over, up ahead.
Johnny C: Alright, I,m gonna help you out here... All we are gonna need is some tanks, a couple of rocket lanchers, and a set of ba*** like, uh, the King of Bayonne.

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