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Epic quotes

Mandrake: (from trailer) You just can't stop the rot.
Mub: Ugly says what?
Mandrake: What?
Mub: Nothing. (he and Grub snicker)

Mub: So, fruit fly, eh?
Grub: What's it like, having such a short life cycle?
Fruit Fly: It's great, mister. When I grow up, I'm gonna... (ages instantly; one of his legs falls off and he uses it like a cane)
Fruit Fly: ...wish I had done more with my life, sonny. (Keels over dead)

Mub: What's going on, baby girl?
Mary Katherine: Talking snails.
Mub: Actually, he's a snail. I'm a sluuuug. No shell over here, baby. It just slows me down.

Mandrake: What's that little saying you people have? "Lots of leaves, something, something..." Very inspiring. But in the end, every leaf falls and dies alone. (lifts his sword to kill Ronin, but right before it hits, a leafman sword blocks its way in the nick of time. It proves to be Nod)
Nod: No one is alone. Not even him.

Mandrake: The forest belongs to the darkness.

Mary Katherine: When I get big again, I'm so coming back here with a box of bug spray.

Mandrake: I'm going to destroy the forest. But I'm only going to do it once, so try to pay attention.

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