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Enemy at the Gates quotes

Koulikov: Nobody gives a sh** about the telephone guys.

Vasilli: In the forest, the wolf lives for three years and the donkey for nine.
Tania: That must be a proverb from the Urals, it makes no sense to me.
Vasilli: The donkey lives longer because he's more useful.
Tania: There aren't any donkeys in the forest, you made it up.

Vasilli: He shot him on the run. It was an impossible shot.
Danilov: Vassili...
Vasilli: You've promised people a victory I can't deliver. I don't stand a chance against this man.

Vassili Zaitsev: (Vassili sees his own picture while reading the Red Army newspaper as it is coming off the press) That's me. (he reads the caption)
Vassili Zaitsev: "Vassili Zaitsev." That's me!
Danilov: No, you're not dreaming! It's your name! We made the front page! They haven't changed a word! Do you have any idea what this means? It's not the back page. It's not the second page. It's the front page.
Danilov: (together) The front page!
Danilov: They're going to reprint our article everywhere, in the Caucasus, in the Crimea... even in the Urals! (he laughs)
Danilov: Tomorrow morning, Stalin himself will be sitting over breakfast, reading my words, memorizing your name. We're famous, Vassili. Khrushchev loved the article. He's promoted me to the General Staff... and you... to sniper division.
Vassili Zaitsev: Well, that's good.
Danilov: It's *very* good.
Vassili Zaitsev: It's very good. It's great.
Danilov: It's *very* great!
Vassili Zaitsev: It's great!
Danilov: It's great!
Vassili Zaitsev: It's great!
Danilov: For *both* of us, because we did it together. (Vassili laughs)
Danilov: Together. Although, admittedly, I did all the hard work.
Vassili Zaitsev: Oh, yeah? (he pushes Danilov playfully, then chases him around some desks)
Danilov: You know, you're very lucky I can't fight back.
Vassili Zaitsev: Why's that?
Danilov: Because Khrushchev told me to make sure that nothing happens to you! You're too important!
Vassili Zaitsev: I'm too valuable! (he keeps hitting Danilov playfully)
Danilov: Yes! Careful of my - careful of my glasses, please. They're new.
Vassili Zaitsev: (Vassili gives Danilov a salute and a smile) Sorry, sir.
Danilov: (Danilov slaps Vassili playfully) I'm sorr - (they start laughing and wrestling around)
Danilov: I'm famous!
Vassili Zaitsev: *I'm* famous!
Danilov: *We're* famous!
Vassili Zaitsev: *I'm* famous!
Danilov: We're famous!
Vassili Zaitsev: We're famous!

Nikita Khrushchev: You won't give up the river bank. I don't care if you lost half your men. Lose the other half. Lose yourself.

General Paulus: My army is not designed for this kind of fighting. Yesterday, yet again I had to promote 25 sergeants to replace the officers shot down by the sharpshooters. Those snipers are demoralizing my people. This city is no more than a heap of ruins, but the Fuhrer's persisting. We should trust the fuhrer's instinct, he always managed to lead us to victory. We shall be at home for Christmas. How are you going to go about finding this young Russian?
Major König: I'll fix it so that he's the one who finds me.

Danilov: Do you know how to shoot?
Vasilli: A little.

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