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Elysium quotes

Nun: (in Spanish) My little Max.

Title Card: Earth's wealthiest inhabitants fled the planet to preserve their way of life. (pan from earth to an orbiting wheel world)

Android Police Officer: (Referring to Max's backpack) What is in the bag?
Max: (Max's head is shaved bald) Hair care products, mostly.

Max: The only thing I can do to help you is leave, I promise you.

Kruger: That's what I'm talking about!

Matilda: There once was a meerkat who lived in the jungle. He was hungry, but he was small. So small. And the other big animals had all the food, because they could reach the fruits. So he made friends with a hippopotamus to...
Max: (interrupting her) Okay, stop. It doesn't end well for the meerkat.
Matilda: Yes it does, because he can stand on the hippopotamus's back to get all the fruits he wants.
Max: What's in it for the hippo?
Matilda: (precociously) The hippo wants a friend.

Kruger: It's just a flesh wound!

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