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Eight Below quotes

Jerry Shepard: I'm glad you're here Katie. And I owe you one.
Katie: You owe me for a lot of things, but this is not one of them.

Charlie Cooper: (greeted by Buck) Okay, not the face, not the face! Okay, chill boy!

Jerry Shepard: Up here in front, on lead, we've got my best girl Maya. And next to her we've got old Jack who just turned ten and he's actually getting ready to retire. Back here, the white one, this is Shorty. And next to him is the pup of the bunch. That's Max. He's still in training. He's got the right stuff. I expect big things outta him. And right here, we've got the twins, this is Truman. Truman here took a bite out of Dewey a couple of years ago. You notice the scar about Dewey's left eye?
Dr. Andy Harrison: Yeah.
Jerry Shepard: Yeah, well they've been buddies ever since, so... and then back here, last but not least, we've got the two malamutes. The gray one's Shadow and the red one is his buddy Buck. All brawn and absolutely no brain. But we love them.

Jerry Shepard: (to the dogs) I'll be back. I promise.

Jerry Shepard: (to Davis) There's only one way to make that trip, and that's with the dogs.

Dr. Andy Harrison: (to Jerry) Dr. McClaren needs proper medical attention.

Davis McClaren: They saved my life, these eight amazing dogs.

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