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Easy Money quotes

Nicky: Ho! can sombody help us here?
Monty: (talking to the bald manikin) I tell you my friend here (stops and looks at the man behind the counter)
Monty: I tell you my friend here is looking for a shirt.
Nicky: Yeah something in a dark black?

Monty: (about his Mother-In-Law) She says I drink too much, I smoke too much, I gamble. I mean she's right, but what can I do? I got no... what's the word...
Nicky: Class.

Mrs. Monahan: You pollute the air with your smoking. You reek of liquor and god knows what else. You're an ecological menace!
Monty: Yeah, well you were the inspiration for twin beds!

Monty: Nicky, just in time.
Monty: I didn't want to see her fu***** face.
Monty: Mother.

Belinda Capuletti: Someday I'll be out of you're life.
Monty: Yeah, well for now get out of the bathroom.

Monty: Yeah, well you where the inspiration for twin beds.

Monty: (after putting a six tier wedding cake in the back of Nicky's van) It's not going to bounce around in there is it?
Nicky: No, I got it wedged against the toilet.

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