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E.T. The Extra Terrestrial quotes

Gertie: I don't like his feet.
Elliot: They're only feet, you little twerp.

Mary: Michael, please do the dishes
Michael: I set and cleared
Elliot: *I* set and cleared
Michael: (quickly) I did breakfast
Gertie: I did breakfast
Mary: (Mary slams a pot down on the sideboard)

Keys: Elliot, that machine, what does it do?
Elliot: (in a sickly voice) The communicator? Is it still working?
Keys: It's doing *something*. What?
Elliot: I really shouldn't tell. He came to me, he came to me.
Keys: Elliot, he came to me too. I've been wishing for this since I was 10 years old, I don't want him to die. What can we do that we're not already doing?
Elliot: He needs to go home; he's calling his people. And I don't know where they are, but he needs to go home.
Keys: Elliot, I don't think he was left here intentionally, but his being here is a miracle, Elliot. It's a miracle and you did the best that anybody could do. I'm glad he met you first.

Elliot: You could be happy here, I could take care of you. I wouldn't let anybody hurt you. We could grow up together, E.T.

Tyler: (sarcastically) Hey, Elliot, where's your goblin?
Michael: Shut up.
Steve: Did he come back?
Pretty Young Girl: Hi, Elliot.
Greg: Well, did he?
Elliot: Yeah, he came back, but he's not a goblin. He's a spaceman.
Steve: Ooh, as in extra-terrestrial!
Tyler: Where is he from, Uranus? Get it? Your an**?
Greg: He doesn't get it, Ty.
Tyler: Get it, your an**?
Greg: He doesn't get it.
Elliot: You're so immature!
Greg: And you're such a cintus suprimus!
Elliot: Zero charisma!
Greg: Cintus suprimus!
Elliot: Zero charisma!
Greg: Cintus suprimus!
Elliot: Shut up, Greg!
Greg: Cintus suprimus!
Elliot: (yells as he rides off on his bike) Zero charisma!
Greg: You wimp!

E.T.: Be good.

Mary: A pizza? Who said you guys could order a pizza?

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