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E.T. The Extra Terrestrial (Re Release) quotes

Elliot: (seeing E.T. in a dress, with a wig and jewelry) Oh, God!
E.T.: Elliot.
Elliot: (still too frustrated to notice he just spoke to him) What?
E.T.: Elliot!... Elliot!
Gertie: I taught him how to talk now. He can talk now. (Elliot sees electronics and supplies together in the closet)
Gertie: Look what he brought up here all by himself. What's he need this stuff for?
Elliot: E.T., can you say that? Can you say 'E.T.'? E.T.
E.T.: Eeee Teee.
Elliot: (Elliot laughs in amazement)
E.T.: E.T.! E.T.! E.T.! Be good.
Gertie: "Be good"! I taught him that too!
Elliot: You should give him his dignity. This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen.
E.T.: (gives Elliot a newspaper and points at a comic picture) Phone.
Elliot: 'Phone'? He said 'phone'? He said 'phone'?
Gertie: Can't you understand English? He said 'phone'.
E.T.: (points to closet) Home?
Elliot: You're right. That's E.T.'s home.
E.T.: (scurries over to the window and points his long finger towards it) E.T. home phone.
Gertie: (clarifying) E.T. phone home.
Elliot: E.T. phone home. (understanding what he means)
Elliot: E.T. phone home!
Gertie: He wants to call somebody.

Michael: (as Yoda) You have absolute power! Yes!

Elliot: But, look, you can't tell. Not even Mom.
Gertie: Why not?
Elliot: Because, uh, grown-ups can't see him. Only little kids can see him.
Gertie: Give me a break!
Elliot: (Transylvanian accent) Well, do you know what's going to happen if you do tell? (Elliot grabs Gertie's doll and throw it to Michael)
Elliot: Do it, Mike, we have to. (Gertie begs the doll back as Elliott and Michael 'torture' it. They stop when Gertie vows to keep E.T. a secret)
Elliot: (to Gertie) Promise?
Gertie: (distressed) Yes.
Elliot: (to Michael) You promise? (Michael nods)

Gertie: I don't like his feet.
Elliot: They're only feet, you little twerp.

E.T.: Be good.

Michael: We're all going to die and they're never going to give me my license!

Tyler: (sarcastically) Hey, Elliot, where's your goblin?
Michael: Shut up.
Steve: Did he come back?
Pretty Young Girl: Hi, Elliot.
Greg: Well, did he?
Elliot: Yeah, he came back, but he's not a goblin. He's a spaceman.
Steve: Ooh, as in extra-terrestrial!
Tyler: Where is he from, Uranus? Get it? Your an**?
Greg: He doesn't get it, Ty.
Tyler: Get it, your an**?
Greg: He doesn't get it.
Elliot: You're so immature!
Greg: And you're such a cintus suprimus!
Elliot: Zero charisma!
Greg: Cintus suprimus!
Elliot: Zero charisma!
Greg: Cintus suprimus!
Elliot: Shut up, Greg!
Greg: Cintus suprimus!
Elliot: (yells as he rides off on his bike) Zero charisma!
Greg: You wimp!

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