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Dragnet quotes

Joe Friday: There's the limo from the mansion.
Pep Streebeck: Yeah, and that's Emil Muzz.
Joe Friday: Let's check Enid Bordon's description.
Pep Streebeck: Well? (Opens his notebook and reads from it)
Pep Streebeck: Big, bad, stupid-looking.
Joe Friday: An exact match.

Joe Friday: Alright, let's run through it again. You say you're a Pagan, but we caught you working for Jerry Caeser. That makes you a plant in my book. Why don't you just make it easy on yourself and lead us to the stolen magazines?
Emil Muzz: (Giving the finger to Friday) Jump on this and spin, cop! I'm not saying another word until my attourney gets here!
Pep Streebeck: Say Joe, wouldn't a couple of danishes go great with this coffee right now? (as he says this, he opens the drawer he used on Muzz earlier, and Muzz looks horrified)

Pep Streebeck: You know, Friday, I think you and the Commissioner would make a cute couple. I like the way you both keep your jaws locked. Plus the two of you do share that same curious affection for hats.
Joe Friday: May I remind you that only this morning Commissioner Kirkpatrick threatened to turn me into a... civilian?
Pep Streebeck: Yeah, I know. There was was a gleam in her eye, though...

Enid Borden: The magazines and papers were his down in the trash. No cheques or money, I looked. I should have thrown it all in the river the day he left but unlike some people I have a heart, goddamnit, the miserable little bag of puke.
Joe Friday: I think we're finished here, don't you Detective Streebeck?

Pep Streebeck: (both looking at Connie Swail in Enid Borden's wedding dress) 2 to 1, that's Enid Borden's wedding dress.
Joe Friday: 20 to 1 Enid Borden didn't look that good on her wedding day.

Pep Streebeck: (while interrogating Muzz and getting no-where) Joe, I could use some coffee (turns to Muzz)
Pep Streebeck: You want anything?
Emil Muzz: (defiantly) Chewing gum... Snickers bar... and my attorney, badge kisser!
Pep Streebeck: (Friday leaves Muzz alone with Streebeck) Well... it's just you... and me... *your ba****... (pulls open a desk drawer)
Pep Streebeck: and this drawer! (slams it shut)

Jerry Caesar: Reverend, you've got ba*** as big as church bells.

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