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Dr. Seuss Horton Hears a Who quotes

Councilman: This is the chairman...
Horton: Idiot! You're finished in this town! Is that understood? Finished! You bo**! (brief pause while the chairman splutters)
Horton: I'm just joking.
Councilman: Eh heh, good one.
The Mayor of Who-ville: Horton, I'd like you to meet my wife, Sally.
Sally O'Malley: You exist! This means my husband isn't crazy. Hooray!
The Mayor of Who-ville: And these are some of my daughters, Hildy, Helga, Hula, Heidi, and Hedy.
Hedy: Hi!
The Mayor of Who-ville: And this is Miss Yelp, my loyal assistant. And this is Dr. Larue.
Dr. Mary Lou Larue: You saved us!
The Mayor of Who-ville: And Burt from Accounting, and Mrs. McGillicuddy. And Mr. FarFloogin of the Cloogin FarFloogins. And the old man in the bathtub.
Sally O'Malley: Honey, let's not overwhelm the poor guy, he's never gonna remember all these names.
Horton: Well, I'll try my best: Sally, Chairman, Hildy, Helga, Hula, Heidi, and Hedy. Miss Yelp. Dr. Larue, Burt from accounting, Mrs. McGillicuddy, Mr. FarFloogin of the Cloogin FarFloogins. And wasn't there an old guy in a shower?
The Mayor of Who-ville: Mmm, Bathtub.
Horton: (a bit mad he didn't remember the name) Oh, Yeah!

Horton: Sorry, this is where we get off. (slingshots Bad Vlad off tree)
Horton: Cool line, usually I can't think of those things until later.

Horton: A person's a person, no matter how small.

The Mayor of Who-ville: Listen, Horton, I've gotta go. Apparently there's a problem with a giant meatball.
Horton: You just take care of that meatball sir and leave the freaking out to me.

Councilman: (to the mayor) Nothing ever goes wrong in WhoVille. Never has, never *will*. You bluthering bo**.

Kangaroo: What do you think you're doing?
Tommy: Oh, you guys with worlds are in trouble!
Kangaroo: Have you forgotten what we've discussed?
Horton: Oh no, I'm an elephant and elephants never forget, it's a curse really! I remember, I was on my head and you said hmm and I looked up and you said ,what are you doing?, and I said the thing about the speck, then you pulled my ears and you poked me in the forehead...
Kangaroo: Horton!
Horton: Well you did.

Councilman: Who wants the festivities of the Who Centennial to proceed as planned? (the people of WhoVille begin to cheer)
Councilman: And who wants to celebrate the Who Centennial, in an underground storage area?
Obnoxious Who: *Yeah!*

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