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Down and Out in Beverly Hills quotes

Dave Whiteman: (Barb is visibly smashed) Hey, Barb?
Barbara Whiteman: Mmmmmm?
Dave Whiteman: I thought we weren't going to drink any more.
Barbara Whiteman: Well, Dave, yeah. It's true. I *am* a vegetarian. But I hear... that vodka... comes from a potato!

Doctor Von Zimmer: Has there been some recent change in living arrangements?
Barbara Whiteman: (flatly) We have a houseguest.
Doctor Von Zimmer: Oh. (looks at Jerry)
Doctor Von Zimmer: How long are you staying?
Dave Whiteman: He's staying as long as he likes. And if the doggy doesn't like it, then the doggy can find other living arrangements.

Dave Whiteman: Max, I think it's time you stopped all this sc****** around and started to learn the hanger business.
Max Whiteman: I don't like hangers.
Dave Whiteman: You don't like hangers? It's hangers that clothe you, and it's hangers that feed you!

Dave Whiteman: You could have pi**** right here!
Barbara Whiteman: Dave, he did! He pi**** all over the joint.

Dave Whiteman: I ate garbage last night, Barbara... and *loved* it!

Dave Whiteman: Got a license?
Jerry Baskin: Yeah.
Dave Whiteman: (hands him the keys) You drive.
Jerry Baskin: Okay. Where to?
Dave Whiteman: I don't know. Some days you just want to go, you know?
Jerry Baskin: Okay. Let's *** the beach. I got some friends down there.
Dave Whiteman: The beach? (laughs)
Dave Whiteman: Who's going to run my business? Who's going to pay my bills? Who's...
Jerry Baskin: (interrupting) You got enough money to last *ten* lifetimes!
Dave Whiteman: (laughs heartily) Yeah... maybe *I* ought to become a bu*. No job, no responsibilities...
Jerry Baskin: (snorts) You wouldn't last five minutes.
Dave Whiteman: You think so? Let's *** the beach, buddy. Pronto!

Dave Whiteman: Oh, come on! The dog is running the whole house!

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