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Double Jeopardy quotes

Travis Lehman: Dammit, woman, if you don't get out of this car and go to your kid, I'm going to have you arrested... for stupidity.

Libby Parsons: She just skipped town!
Travis Lehman: Yeah, and with your husband who isn't dead because you didn't kill him? Bullshit.
Libby Parsons: Alright, I admit it, I killed him. I chopped him up into little bits, and I threw them piece by piece into the Pacific. Are you satisfied?
Travis Lehman: No! No, you were a hell of a lot closer to your kid three days ago than you are today! All you had to do was wait three years, that's it! You fu***** idiot!
Libby Parsons: You cannot know what it's like to sit in prison for six years and think of nothing else in the world but your son. Did I make the right choice? You asked the wrong question, Lehman, I didn't have a choice! fu** your curfew!
Libby Parsons: (sees a picture of a girl on Lehman's sun visor) Who's that? Your daughter?
Travis Lehman: (says nothing)
Libby Parsons: Is that a problem for you, Lehman?

Evelyn Lake: So, you're the rich-bi*** who snuffed her husband?
Elizabeth 'Libby' Parsons: No, I didn't...
Evelyn Lake: It's okay. He probably had it coming. Mine did.

Nick Parsons: Well, aren't you gonna do something?
Travis Lehman: What are you talkin' to me for? She's the one with the gun.

Bobby: I'm a lawyer, what we think isn't supposed to matter.

Margaret Skolowski: So you just repeat after me, "If I could trade places with my husband, I would." (after making a sighing noise and very unenthusiastically)
Elizabeth 'Libby' Parsons: If I could trade places with my husband, I would.
Evelyn Lake: That's good. Now, throw in a lot of that born again Jesus stuff... they like that

Elizabeth 'Libby' Parsons: I haven't felt this good since the day my husband died.

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