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Double Impact quotes

Alex: Maybe I'm drunk today, tomorrow I'll be sober, BUT YOU! WILL ALWAYS BE A fa****!

Danielle: Alex, don't! He's your brother!
Alex: Why, because he looks like me? I'm going to change that.

Kara: What's the big hurry? Are you, um... hiding something?
Danielle: No.
Kara: No? Well, that's good, because... I have to frisk you. And if I don't find anything, well, then... I can let you go.
Kara: Now we can just forget this ever happened. Come on, now, turn around. That's a good girl. Yeah. And now... you can frisk me.

Katherine Wagner: What are you going to do to my babies?
Moon: You'll never know. (shoots her in the face)

Alex: Look like me? You, of all people, should know I would never in my life wear black-silk underwear!

Chad: What the hell happened?
Alex: You fu**** up!

Chad: Big surprise. HUGE surprise.

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