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Dont Say a Word quotes

Jessie Conrad: Will they put Bart Simpson in the parade tomorrow?
Nathan Conrad: They will but Bart Simpson in the parade tomorrow if you go to sleep right now.
Jessie Conrad: Well alright, I don't think they will care if I go to sleep or not!

Nathan Conrad: Rule number three: no more phone.

Patrick Koster: She heard.
Dolen: How do you know?
Patrick Koster: She stopped breathing.

Elisabeth: You want what they want, don't you... I'll never tell. I'll never tell... Any of you.

Detective Cassidy: Why don't you quit wasting my fu***** time and tell me who's we?

Jessie Conrad: What's your name?
Max: (ignores her)
Jessie Conrad: Your hair's really long! My hair used to be that long, but my mom made me cut it.
Jessie Conrad: (points to her neck) What's that thing on your neck?
Max: (stares at Jessie and looks back down)
Jessie Conrad: It's kinda impolite not to answer someone's question.
Max: It's a symbol.
Jessie Conrad: What's it mean?
Max: Don't talk!

Jessie Conrad: (Telephone rings) Hello?
Nathan Conrad: (Wants to play a trick on Jessie) Hello?
Jessie Conrad: Hi Daddy.
Nathan Conrad: Exsuse me, who am I talking to?
Jessie Conrad: This is me.
Nathan Conrad: No, no my Jessie is 8 years old. The girl who I'm talking to is at least 11.
Jessie Conrad: (laughs)
Nathan Conrad: (laughs) Can you speak to your mother please!

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